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official jawa site for the UK

Jawa Motorcycles. More information and pictures from the official Jawa UK importers site.

F2 Motorcycles on Face Book There are a few extra pictures and videos as well as up to date news from F2.

Simply Sidecar. Mini site featuring our range of steel bodied sidecars and universal fittings.

F2 Motorcycles tweets on twitter. Not often, but we might use it more as it grows.

Cossack Motorcycles. Simple to use information only site. The site helps you accurately identify which motorcycle you own. It is really important when ordering spare parts from us as Dnepr parts do not fit Ural bikes. This site covers over head valve engine Dnepr 650 MT9 to MT11, Ural 650 M63 to M67 and Ural 750 OHV motorcycles.

F2 Motorcycles Ltd has a blog. Hints and tips from the workshop. Undated frequently so please subscribe to receive the latest alerts or pop back every month to read the latest blog.

We recommend Lexham Insurance for all our motorcycles
Click their banner to get quick quote


JAWA CZ Owners Club of Great Britain and Ireland. One of the oldest one make motorcycle clubs in the UK having been formed in 1954. They currently have more than 350 members in the UK and many other countries. They are a group of enthusiastic motorcyclists with a special interest in all makes of motorbikes and scooters from the Czech Republic.

Lizi Angel. True-to-life pet & wildlife portraits in pastel by award-winning animal artist, Lizi Angel.
Supporting pet & wildlife charities with donations & artwork for auctions & prizes.
Original artwork, limited edition prints, greeting cards & commissions.

Cossack Owners Club. Great site with loads of information, pictures and technical articles. You can even download a membership form to join the club. The Cossack Owners Club represents owners and enthusiasts of Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian and Latvian motorcycles and sidecars. IMZ Ural, KMZ Dnepr/Dnieper, Izh Ishevsk, Voshkod, Vostok, Minsk, Kovrov.

The Federation of Sidecar Clubs. Another really good site covering all things to do with sidecars. Loads of events to go to and meet up with other sidecar enthusiasts.

Secret Garden Camping. If you are looking for a camp site near us, look no further than The Secret Garden Touring Park. On site micro brewery, secluded camping plots with fire pits and surrounded by wildlife. Put simply, one of the best camp sites we have ever visited and only 2 miles from F2 Motorcycles,

Russian Motorcycles. Manuals and service books in English for most Russian motorcycles. Run be David Cox who has spent time and money sourcing older manuals, translating them and cleaning up the pictures.

Sidecar training school

Len Tempest Sidecar School. Len offers well priced training for total beginners and advanced riders. The sidecar is equipped with dual controls for the steering, brake and engine cut out. The Japanese bike is not equipped with leading link forks or any other special handling modifications. So if you learn on this bike riding a Ural will be very easy. Len does not have a web page but he can be contacted by phone on 07831 778083 or by e-mail at len_tempest@msn.com.

The National Association for Bikers with a Disability. We all ride motorcycles for our own reason, but the thing we have in common is that we choose to ride a motorbike. No one is forced to ride a bike, but we all want to and we all choose to. NABD aims to give disabled people the same freedom of choice by offering advice,support and grants to help with adaptations. Please take a few minutes to visit their site and see how they can change lives. They are a charity so depend on you for their funding.

Alan Kirtley

01945 420077

Delivery of Ural Motorcycles with Sidecars. If you would prefer to arrange delivery please contact Alan Kirtley. He can arrange delivery of your bike and sidecar to be moved on an open transporter at your cost. Alan is not part of F2 motorcycles Ltd and all arrangements/payments must be between you and Alan.

Moving Motorcycles. The only motorcycle movers we have found who can move a complete motorcycle and sidecar in a covered dry clean truck. Obviously slightly more expensive than an open car transporter, but well worth it for new bikes with sidecars if you want them to arrive clean and dry.

giffgaff mobile phone sim. Check out the call rate and text rates. If like us you use PAYG mobiles this really will save you a lot of money. The rates are about half of what others charge and the coverage is the same as O2. Order by clicking on the picture and you will get an extra £5.00 credit on your first top up. Ignore the goodie bags and just top up £10 to get £15. I wish I had found them before wasting loads of money with other providers.

Bikesure Insurance. Please click on the logo to go to their web site where you can get a quote for Urals and other bikes.

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