Pistons, cylinders, Valves and Heads for Ural & Dnepr

We are always on the hunt for hard to find Ural bike spares, and if we really can't find them,
or when the original part can be improved, we develop and make our own alternative.
We hold £1000s of spare parts for Urals and can not list them all, so if you need a specific part please contact us.
Ural spares are fairly easy to find and we hold a stock of most spares.
Generally the earlier the spare, the harder it is to find. Please note - we do not deal in used parts, or broken parts.
If we can't get it in unused new condition, we don't sell it.
Oil Filters - Ural. Standard oil filter sold individually with seal. Also in sets of three with three seals and one O-ring. The sets of three can be ordered with the 1970s type fibre seal for M63/M66 or with the newer rubber bush for M67 and all 750 OHV engines. Please note these are genuine filters, not cheaper pattern parts.
Part - F20315/x1
Part - F20315/x3 1970's
Part - F20315/x3 Late Model
Barrel Studs with Nuts - Dnepr. Set of 4 barrel studs with 4 Dnepr special fine thread long nuts or set of 8 to replace all the studs on both sides.
Part - F20233/D4
Part - F20233/D8
Pistons with Rings - Ural Russian. New flat top pistons with rings for M63 and M66 sold in pairs only. These can also be fitted to later 650cc Urals, but they give lower compression than the domed pistons.
STD = 78mm, P1 = 78.20mm, P2 = 78.5 mm
Part - F20402/RUS STD
Part - F20402/RUS P1
Part - F20402/RUS P2
Pistons with Rings - Modern Ural. These pistons will fit Ural 650cc. They will not fit any Dneprs. Much better piston ring system than the original 1970's type, higher compression gives a useful increase in power without being silly and wrecking the engine. Kit includes two pistons, two base gaskets, two head gaskets. It does not include gudgeon pins as it is generally better to use the ones you have if they are the correct fit in the small end bush.
Part - F20402/650EU
Pistons & Ring - Dnepr MT11. These are genuine factory piston. The exact measurement of the oversize piston is not consistent or exact. As a guide, only standard is about 77.95 mm, and over-size is 78.15 mm and 78.45 mm. The rings will need to be gapped correctly.
Part - F20402/MT11 STD
Part - F20402/MT11 P1
Part - F20402/MT11 P2
Pistons Rings - Ural/Dnepr Russian. Piston ring set to fit most OHV Urals made from 1968 to 1997 with the four ring pistons. Fairly hard to find these days. Standard or oversize. One set contains enough rings for both pistons.
STD = 78mm, P1 = 78.20mm, P2 = 78.5 mm
Part - F20416/RUS STD
Part - F20416/RUS P1
Part - F20416/RUS P2
Rings - Upgrade for Oil Rings. These fit all Dnepr OHV engines from MT9 to MT11 and Ural M63 to M67. They only fit the four ring pistons. The oil ring is made in three parts and will stop oil consumption in most cases without increasing the wear on the barrel. Only sold in sets of 2 rings, one for each piston. Replace the original oil ring above the gudgeon pin with these upgrades. Size Standard 78.0mm or P2 78.5 mm ONLY
Part - F20416/EU pair
Gudgeon Pins. Standard size or repair size. The repairs size is useful if you have a tiny amount of play in the small end. They are only 0.001 mm over so it will not take out massive play caused by small end seizure. Sold in pairs.
Part - F20414/STD
Part - F20414/Repair
Barrels - Ural. Single barrel on its own in standard size. We will hone the surface for you as the factory does not bother. You will need to check your piston fit and ring gap before riding down the road. Ural 650 barrels are iron as shown. Ural 750 barrels are alloy. Price is each. Please be aware that the 650 barrels are now hard to get so we may not always be able to supply them.
Part - F20502/650
Part - F20502/750
Valves - Sets. Complete set of valves. Two inlet and two exhaust There are some traders who don't seem to know they are different to Ural valves. Dnepr set fits MT11 only. Ural 650 set fits all Ural 650 which have different size valves for inlet and exhaust. Ural 750 set fits all Ural 750 OHV engines up to 2008 (pre valve stem seal models)
Part - F20623/D
Part - F20623/U650
Part - F20623/U750
Timing Gear Overhaul Kit. For Urals 650 OHV engines only, not Dneprs. Kit contains a matched pair of timing gears (crank and cam) and front cover gasket, alternator gear, tab washers, and full instructions. You will need a couple of pullers to do this job. The 12 volt set fits M67 onwards. We can also supply a set for the early 6 volt M63 and M66 bikes but we will not include the alternator gear.
Part - F20407/6VOLT
Part - F20407/12VOLT
Timing Gear Overhaul Kit - European. These are fitted as standard to new Ural 750 motorcycles from 2007 onwards. They can be fitted to earlier 750cc OHV engines upgrade kit. Kit contains European timing gear, European alternator gear, tab washer. You will need to remove the cam shaft to fit this kit. We can also machine these to fit the 650 12 volt engines. Please tell us which alternator you have when ordering.
Part - F20407/EU650
Part - F20407/EU750
Stainless Steel Screw Set. Stainless steel screw set for pre 2006 Ural front cover. Counter sunk hex drive A2 grade set of screws to replace the standard steel flat screw. Our set replaces all the screws in the front cover including the two hidden behind the original coil. Ural changed to hex drive as standard in 2006.
Part - F20206/set
Extra Deep Sump - Ural. The extra deep sump is not standard on European models. If you ride in hot conditions this will really help. Cast aluminium with cooling fins, holds approximately 0.75 litres more oil than the standard aluminium deep sump fitted to European models from the mid 1980's onward. Complete kit includes extra deep sump, magnetic sump plug, gasket and stainless steel bolts.
Part - F20215/EXTRA
UK Delivery Charges - From £7.50
Prices are per delivery not per item.
Mixed orders of many parts will normally be charged as one large item even if it arrives in several small boxes.
Small - Small items up to about 5 kg - Max size approximately 30cm x 20cm x 12cm
Delivered to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands
Large - Items greater than 5kg but less than 20kg
Delivered to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands
Highlands - Sorry there is no small item price for the highlands so all deliveries up to 20 kg are one rate.
Delivered to AB30-38, AB44-56, FK17-99, G83, IV1-28, IV30-32, IV33-39, IV52-54, IV63, KW1-14, PA21-33, PA34-40, PH18-26, PH30, PH31-41, PH49-50
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