Starting & Charging for Russian Motorcycles
Ignition Parts for all Motorcycles

We stock £1000s of spares for Ural, Cossack, Neval, and Uralmoto
We are always on the hunt for hard to find Russian bike spares, and if we really can't find them,
or when the original part can be improved, we develop and make our own alternative.
Please note - we do not deal in used parts, or broken parts. If we can't get it in unused new condition, we don't sell it.
Warranty terms for electrical items - All electrical parts are checked before dispatch, but because they can be broken easily while fitting by connecting the wrong wires we are unable to warranty electrical parts unless we fit them.
If you are purchasing electrical parts please check and double check your wiring before connecting the new part.
As we say they are checked before dispatch, but the warranty only covers mechanical and not electrical failure.
Alternator - Hand Grenade. We do not sell this. Original fitment to post 1998 Ural 650cc bikes. To be honest not really the best or most reliable alternator in the world. Seriously consider buying any other alternator instead. A few years ago David at F2 christened them the "hand grenade" alternator. A term which sums them up very well.
Part - NA
Price - N/A
Alternator - L424. Sorry, there are just too many Chinese fakes on the market now. We do not sell these. They have proved very unreliable. You can get one from Ebay, but I wouldn't bother.
Part - F20605/L424
Alternator - Nippon Denso . This conversion uses the latest Nippon Denso alternator as fitted to new 750cc Urals and includes the cush drive, gear, gasket and all wiring. We have written our own English instructions to make fitting easy. These are longer than the standard 300 watt alternator by 20mm so you may need to re drill the mounting holes in your air box to move it back. NOTE, you will also need the EU timing gear if you do not already have these fitted.
Part - F243.0201/NIPPON
Alternator - Nippon Denso complete kit. This conversion uses the latest Nippon Denso alternator as fitted to new 750cc Urals and includes the cush drive, gear, gasket and all wiring. This kit also includes a complete set of matched timing EU timing gear. If you already have EU timing gear fitted please see F243.0201/NIPPON. If you don't you will need this kit.
Part - F243.0201/ND KIT 650
Part - F243.0201/ND KIT 750
Electric Starter - Long. The longer motor is current fitment to all electric start Urals. It can be fitted as a replacement for the earlier short type motor but you will require a new kickstart with a greater offset to clear the back of the motor. New upgraded model from 2016, can also be fitted to earlier models.
Part - F243.0120/LONG
Electric Starter - Spacer Plates. Both the long and the short motors require spacer plates to ensure the gear does not over or under engage with the flywheel. We have them in both 1mm and 2mm.
Part - F243.0162/1mm
Part - F243.0162/2mm
Electric Start - Relay. There are two of these mounted on the left side under the seat of most electric start Ural 650s and 750s. If you starter sometimes doesn't work, but you can hear a faint click. Try changing the front relay first. If it makes a sound like a machine gun, check the earth is clean and charge the battery.
Part - F24329
Regulator - L424. This regulator was standard fitment on the very last few years production of the M67. It is fairly reliable and replaced the rather unreliable and power absorbing P330. We sell them as spare parts and not as conversion for the P330. However if you do have the old P330 regulator fitted and you would like to convert to run on the solid state type we are happy to supply a wiring diagram with the unit. But if you are not good with electrics, do not attempt this.
Part - F24355/333
Battery - Sealed. Great quality completely sealed gell battery. Good reliable starting with no fuss as it arrives charged and ready to fit. We can deliver this battery to your door. The 9 amp fits Urals with kick start as well as electric start Jawa 2-strokes.. The 20 amp fits electric start Urals.
Part - F24322/9AMP kick
Part - F24322/20AMP electric
Battery - AGM. Good quality, long lasting replacement battery for your Ural. NOTE, we can not post this battery, we can post the sealed ones to the left.
Part - F24322/9A kick
Part - F24322/20A electric
Tremex Battery Activator. This little box of tricks simply connects across the battery of the vehicle. It then pulses the battery to help prevent and even reverses the build up of sulphate on the plates caused by long term storage. We have been testing these on our classic vehicles that spend long periods of time sitting idle. They have certainly saved us more the cost of the unit by reducing the number of batteries we replace every year. Made in Germany and waterproof. This is not a copy, we buy direct from the German manufacturers.
Part - F243/Tremex
Coil - Twin Output. Replaces the slightly less than reliable coils mounted in the front cover of Urals and Dneprs. We can supply, just the coil or the coil, wires, connectors, bolts, etc to mount under the tank of a previously unconverted bike.
Part - F24332/6VT
Part - F24332/6VT kit
Part - F24332/12VT
Part - F24332/12VT kit
Coil - 12 Volt Chrome. 12 volt twin output for most lost spark twins. Size of coil 55mm diameter by 110mm length plus 40mm for cable connection. Mounting bracket hole centres are 145mm apart. Comes with leads.
We mount these on the vertical frame above the swing arm mount using cable ties and rubber (supplied). This coil gives a strong and reliable spark when used with points ignition.
Part - F24332/CHR
Coil - 6 and 12 volt single output.
Replacement coil for early 6 volt bikes K750 and MT9. 6 volt MZ, 6 volt CZ-Jawa, most 6 volt British bikes.

We also have the same coil but rated for 12 volt bikes, including 12 volt MZ, Jawa,CZ and most British bikes requiring a single output ignition coil.
Part - F24332/6VS
Part - F24332/12VS
HT Cable.
High quality copper cored HT cable available in short lengths to suit motorcycles.
7 mm outside diameter with low loss multi-strand copper internal wire. Every strand is tinned to reduce internal corrosion.
Priced per 50 cm or 1 meter
Part - F24409 - 50cm
Part - F24409 - 100 cm
Rubber HT Cap.
Traditional all rubber HT cap. No internal resistance, so suitable for older bikes running magneto ignition. Often used on points and coil bikes when used with resistor spark plugs.
Part - F24410
Contact Breakers - 6 or 12 volt. The 6 volt set fits all Urals/Dneprs with manual advance systems. The 12 volt set fits all Urals/Dnepr with automatic advance/retard units. Pictured is the 12 volt set.
Part - F243/CB6V
Part - F243/CB12V
KTC Silicon HT Cap.
No internal resistance, so suitable for older bikes running magneto ignition. Often used on points and coil bikes when used with resistor spark plugs. High quality material and forms an excellent water tight seal between the can and plug.
Part - F24410
Ignition Booster for Points. If you have points the reason they need adjusting and resetting so often is because they are carrying lots of current which causes them to burn and erode the electrodes. This clever box takes the load off the points so they are only carrying milliamps. Better starting, cleaner fuel burning and you will not have to set your points as often. It has a red light for setting the points quickly. Very simple to fit and comes with full instructions. Works on 6 volt as well as 12 volt, but it must be negative earth and have a battery.
Part - F243/BOOSTER
Advance Retard Unit. Includes points, condenser, advance weights and springs. We sell these because people ask for them and they do work after a fashion. However they are not nick named the "mixing bowl of doom" for nothing. Some seem to last forever and some break up after a short time. You have been warned.
Part - F24332/ADV
UK Delivery Charges - From £7.50
Prices are per delivery not per item.
Mixed orders of many parts will normally be charged as one large item even if it arrives in several small boxes.
Small - Small items up to about 5 kg - Max size approximately 30cm x 20cm x 12cm
Delivered to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands
Large - Items greater than 5kg but less than 20kg
Delivered to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands
Highlands - Sorry there is no small item price for the highlands so all deliveries up to 20 kg are one rate.
Delivered to AB30-38, AB44-56, FK17-99, G83, IV1-28, IV30-32, IV33-39, IV52-54, IV63, KW1-14, PA21-33, PA34-40, PH18-26, PH30, PH31-41, PH49-50
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