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The Legal Stuff
There are all sorts of laws connected with reduced price sales. So we have to have the small print. The Ural SRP (suggested retail price) for the UK is calculated using the official Ural price list in the same way as we calculate prices for items not included in this clearance offer. Stock at these prices are genuinely limited and the offer may end at any time. All parts are genuine Ural factory parts, they are not seconds, or returns, or damaged unless otherwise stated in the description.

Sidecar Spotlight with all fittings
Fits all Ural 650/750 sidecars. Fitted as standard on the Gear-Up models. Can be added to other models. This is a spotlight and functions independently of all other lights. We tend to use them to send a strong narrow beam of light along the curb of the road. Once adjusted to only light the very left side of the road (in the UK) they do not cause dazzle problems for oncoming traffic. Supplied with everything needed to mount the light as well as a switch. Currently less than half price.

Ural SRP = £225.00

Part - SOZ10.01/03

Alloy Cylinder Kits for Ural 650.
Genuine export alloy cylinders for Ural M66, M67, Redstar, Northstar, and all other 650 Urals. These replace the original iron barrels. Just before the introduction of the Ural 750 engine the factory produced alloy barrels for the 650. Very few actually left the factory with them fitted. They need longer base and head studs as well as a different type of head gasket to work correctly and reliably. This is a complete set of standard size with all studding and gaskets. Factory finish surface, but we will glaze bust/hone them for you. They will need a good degrease before fitting as they are coated in factory preservative.

Ural SRP = £512.00

Part - SO050202

Cam Followers, set of 4.
Fits all Ural 750 as well as Ural 650 engines from 2000. May fit earlier models as well, but we can not promise. These are the later type that rotate as the cam lobe pushes the follower greatly reducing wear on the camshaft. Again we have a limited amount of over stock and are offering them at less than half price.

Ural SRP = £148.80

Part - SO0608

Camshaft and Gear Set.
Fits 12 volt Ural 650 and 750 up to 2009. Complete camshaft with Russian cam gear and bearing. Supplied with matched Russian crank gear as well as the oil pump drive gear set. This set can only be fitted to Urals using a Russian gear on the alternator, which were standard until 2007.

Ural SRP = £342.00

Part - SO0602/4

Flywheel threaded inserts.
For many years Ural used thread posts in the flywheel. The clutch plates slide over them and the inside is threaded to take the clutch screws. If the threads are damaged or the outside becomes worn the whole flywheel s useless. But the inserts can be pressed out with a hydraulic press and replaced. This set of six replaces all of the inserts in one flywheel. Now selling under a nearly 60% off.

Ural SRP = £48.96

Part - SO0415
Final Drive input Shaft Bearing Kit.
The input pinion shaft in the final drive is supported on two (surprisingly expensive) bearings. The larger is a double row bearing and takes a pounding, the smaller is a needle bearing with inner and outer. These are genuine Ural bearings and will therefore fit correctly, unlike some of the pattern ones we've seen. Now selling with a massive 72% off while stocks last.

Ural SRP = £144.00

Part - SO1524/22

Ural Reverse Gearbox for Kick Start Bikes.
Shop soiled from storage, but otherwise as new. Complete gearbox with levers. 4th gear ratio checked at 1.3 to 1, this is slightly lower than the much later boxes which have 1.19 to 1. Please look at the picture to be certain your air filter will fit, it's the one held on with the long central bolt and sits on top of the gearbox. All internal parts will fit later electric start boxes. At this price it costs less to buy the whole box than a few gears and a couple of shafts if you are carrying out a repair.

Ural SRP = £1050

Part - SO10.0207

Hand Guards for Russian Levers.
Original Ural hand guards designed to fit the Russian handlebar levers fitted to Ural 650 and early Ural 750 motorcycles. Several of our customers have modified these to fit the later Domino levers fitted to Ural 750 Motorcycles. Now selling at 1/2 price

Ural SRP = £40.00

Part - SOZ05.0102

M66 engine case.
Original and new, never been used, M66 engine case. No internals. You'll probably never see another one of these. We understand there is a fairly limited market for these, but if you're doing a restoration and your original cases are damaged this is the perfect opportunity.

Ural SRP = No prices exists as they have not been made for about 35 years. New 650 case is £600

Part - SO0201/66

650 M67 onwards kick start engine case.
Original and new, never been used, no engine number, factory spare part.

Ural SRP = £600

Part - SO0201/67

Push Rod Tubes.
650 push rod tubes for M63, M67, and all iron barrelled 650 Urals. Like all chrome parts these do rust over time. The originals can be carefully tapped out of the barrel and nice shiny news ones fitted. At this price it's cheaper to buy new than have your old ones re-chromed

Ural SRP = £72.00

Part - SO0515

Rear Light Holder.
New and unused, but due to extended storage and several moves there may be small imperfections, scuffs or very minor chips to the paint. We therefore offer two grades. Colours vary, so please ask if you need a specific colour.
Grade 1 = Pretty much perfect, may require a polish, ask for colour options.
Grade 2 = Chips on the top surface of paint deep enough to show primer or metal. No colour option

Ural SRP = £56.00

Part - SO29.0129 Grade 1
Part - SO29.0129 Grade 2

Rear Saddle Seat with Mount.
New rear saddle complete with mount, grab handle, rubber buffer and even the protective rubber gasket. Fits all Urals. May have very minor marks on the mount from storage. Never been left in sunlight, so all rubber parts are perfect.

Ural SRP = £285.00

Part - SO3701

Handlebar Risers.
Chrome risers as fitted to Urals from 1998 to 2007. Moves bars to just in front of the steering damper. Bars are 25 mm in the center where the risers fit. Can also be used on earlier Urals to replace the old style risers, but the bars will then be further forward. Below half price.

Ural SRP = £54.00

Part - SO3108

Ural 650 Rocker Covers.
New, unused and still greasy from the factory. May have minor scuff marks from storage, but nothing that wont polish out by hand. Supplied with a pair of rocker gaskets. We have two types of covers and two types of gaskets. Please specify when you order either with or with out painted black center stripes. For the gaskets please choose between original 1970s rubber ones for authentic restoration or the later fibre ones which do tend to seal better. Another item below half price

Ural SRP = £110 per pair with gaskets

Part - SO0509/04

Seat Buffers.
Genuine Ural seat buffers straight from the factory. Unlike the rather cheap pattern Dnepr ones sold on Ebay these are actually hard enough to work and don't fall apart after a week. Exactly the same quality as used on a brand new export quality Urals. Sold in pairs only.

Ural SRP = £64.00

Part - SO3612 per pair

Rocker Set 650 Ural.
Set of 4 rockers for 650 Urals. When new these have a brass insert. It is this brass bush which wears over time making them a loose fit on the original shaft. Replacing all four often significantly reduces rocker box noise. Only sold in full sets of four. Get them now with over 70% off.

Ural SRP = £175.00

Part - SO0637/38

Weld On frame fittings for Ural/Dnepr Sidecars.
Set of four factory weldon fittings. two to take the ball clamps from a standard Ural or Dnepr sidecar and two to take eyebolts from Ural. This are raw castings so please expect very light surface corrosion from being stored in the air. They can be cut or altered to your needs and welded to clamps or direct to your frame. If you are using these on a Ural please tell us if the sidecar will be fitted to the left or right of the bike as we have two slightly different types.

Ural SRP = The is no Ural factory price for these as they are usually welded to the frame in the factory.

Part - SO2712
SETS SOLD - we have a few rear ball mounts left

Speedo Km/h with trip.
Speedo for all post M66 Urals. Can also be fitted to M63/M66 but please be aware the body is slightly wider than the original M63/M66 so the hole in the headlight will need filing to a larger size. They are in Km/H only, but 50 km/h is roughly 30 mph and 80 Km/h is roughly 50 mph.

Ural SRP = There is no price for Km/h only, New Km/h and mph marked speedos are £93.00

Part - SO43.0103 Km/h only

Foot Peg Rubbers (fixed pegs).
Pair of genuine Ural foot peg rubbers for all Urals with non folding foot pegs. Warm them up, lightly grease the foot peg and bash them on.They are half price in the sale.

Ural SRP = £36.00 per pair

Part - SO2734 pair

Front Foot Pegs for Ural.
New Ural foot pegs for most Ural models. If yours look like this, these will be the correct ones. Can also be used to replace the front folding foot pegs on some models. Sold in pairs at well below half price.

Ural SRP = £114.00

Part - SO2733 pair

Olive Green Tank.
Please read description fully. New tank which has been stored in the original factory packing for many years. However when we opened it we found some paint chips and areas of less than perfect paint. So we consider this to be less than perfect, the price reflects this. The tank will fit all Urals with two rubber pads fitted to the frame for the rear of the tank to sit on. These are known as "drop on" tanks as they do not have threaded bolt holes for the rear mounts as the older tanks had. This one was originally designed for the KP33 tap, but is supplied with a KP33 to KP15 adapter so you can use either of the old manual taps.

Ural SRP = £500 if new and unmarked

Part - SO30.0101

Ural Tank in Primer.
New bare tank with tool box. This is the bolt on type for older Urals. Will fit all Urals with two plates sticking out from the frame to line up with the threaded brackets under the rear of this tank. Most Urals before 1999, and a few later ones. Takes KP33 tap. It's in factory primer so will need painting.

Ural SRP = £400

Part - SO30.0103

Front Mudguard, low level.
Low level front mudguard in primer for Ural solos fitted with Russian forks. 75% off.

Ural SRP = £160.00

Part - SO2103

Sidecar Light Set.
UK sidecars fitted to the left side of the motorcycle have light fitted with the indicator nearest the outside. These are for right hand sidecars, but can be fitted to UK specification sidecars if you don't mind having the indicator nearest the inside. Sales items sold in pairs only. Please note these are genuine Ural factory lights, they are not the cheaper, poorly made copies from Ukraine, or China. Well below half price in the sale.

Ural SRP = £85.00 per pair

Part - SO43.0152/53

Silencer for 2 into 1 exhaust system.
This is the silencer only. All our exhaust pipes have been in long term storage wrapped in the original factory grease paper, but there will be minor imperfections or very small dents. Supplied complete with the nut which fits the threads at the front end.

Ural SRP = £170.00

Part - SO34.0301/2into1

Ural Silencer set with Balance Pipe.
Complete set of 2 silencers, the balance pipe and the two nuts for the threads at the front of the silencers, fits most Ural 650s and can be made to fit most 750 Urals before 2009. In 2009 Ural front pipes changed from chrome steel with 36 mm OD to stainless steel with 35 mm OD. These fit front pipes with 36 mm outside diameter. Can be used with front pipes with or without balance pipe. Half price at the moment.

Ural SRP = £460.00

Part - SO34.0301/02/08

Connector Pipes for Upswept Silencers.
Urals with upswept silencers such as the Redstar use these connector pipes from the front pipes to the silencers. Can also be used for making your own custom system. Ural use a unique 36.1 mm outside diameter front pipe and these fit them. Sold in pairs, complete with clamps.

Ural SRP = £100.00 per pair

Part - SO34.0305

Upswept Pipes for Ural Redstar.
Pair of upswept pipes complete with the heat shield plates that for part of the mounting. Can also be used for the Neval Soviet Knight bikes, but you will need to modify the mounting on the bike slightly. Again all our exhaust pipes have been in long term storage wrapped in the original factory grease paper, but there will be minor imperfections or very small dents.

Ural SRP = £400.00 per pair with heat shields

Part - SO34.0311/12

M66 Empty Heads.

LEFT HAND ONLY - all right hand sold out. To be clear price is for a single left hand head.
New, still with factory grease coating. Amazingly we have brand new unused M66 cylinder heads, with factory fitted guides and seats from the late 1970s. No valves, or springs. Designed for the M66, but can be used on earlier M63 models, but the valves will need replacing with M66 valves. Carb studding is at 12 and 6 o'clock for 301 type carburetors.

Ural SRP = There is no official price as they have not been made since about 1980

Part - SO0501/03 M66 LEFT ONLY

Random Bearing.
Well we thought we new everything there was to know about Urals and then these turn up. Made in the USSR and supplied for Urals, Bearing ID is 1205H + H205 and they measure OD52 and ID20. Best guess is for a very early gearbox, certainly nothing like the bearings in newer boxes. I guess if you need one, you have probably been searching for a long time. They are new, but not stored under ideal conditions. If you want one or even two, let us know why, pay the shipping and the bearing is yours for free.

Ural SRP = No Idea

Part - SO Random Bearing
Air Filter box. Complete air filter box (this is the older top feed type) will fit all Ural motorcycles with electric start. Complete with all internal parts and the bracket underneath, but no filter.

Ural SRP £135.70

Part - SO3801
Solo Crash Protection Bar. Heavy duty chrome bar as a replacement part for your solo. Fits all Solo Ural motorcycles from Soviet Knight onwards. Your frame will need to have the mountings fitted from the factory for this to bar to fit. Complete bar, but does not include the frame fittings.

Ural RRP £80.50
Clearance Price £40.00

Part - SO4101
Front Protection Bar. Chrome bar (often used as a handle to move the bike in the garage). Fits all Ural motorcycles fitted with leading link forks.

Ural SRP £78.20

Part -SO2206
Crankcase Breather. Fits on the front of the camshaft to open and close the crankcase breather at the correct time. Standard fitment for all Ural 650 and 750 OHV engines.

Ural SRP £28.75

Part - SO0621

Sidecar Seat Back. Fits all Ural sidecars left and right hand from 1980 onwards. Will not fit Dnepr as the Dnepr seat locks to close the boot. Ural sidecars have a conventional opening boot with fixed seats. This is the fixed type.

Ural SRP £117.30

Part - SO5005
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The Legal Stuff
There are all sorts of laws connected with reduced price sales. So we have to have the small print. The Ural SRP (suggested retail price) for the UK is calculated using the official Ural price list in the same way as we calculate prices for items not included in this clearance offer. Stock at these prices are genuinely limited and the offer may end at any time. All parts are genuine Ural factory parts, they are not seconds, or returns, or damaged unless otherwise stated in the description.
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