Mirrors, Levers, Bushes, and Controls for Ural & Dnepr

F2 Motorcycles stocks all the parts you need for Ural and Dnepr Motorcycles.
This page contains only a small percentage of the parts we offer.
If you need parts, and can not find them on this site please contact us.
Mirrors - Chrome. Longer than the standard mirror to improve the view behind. We have two different sets. The set shown in the picture have a short thread on them and only fit Urals with the later Domino switch gear. We also have some very similar mirrors with a much longer mounting thread that fit the earlier bolt through Russian levers.
Part - F23123/CHRDOM
Part - F23123/CHRRUS
Mirrors - Black. Longer than the standard mirror to improve the view behind. They have a long thread on them and only fit Urals with Russian levers. However the thread can be shortened by cutting it to the desired length to fit the later Domino switch gear.
Part - F23123/BKRUS
Grips - Heated. Due to the unusual size of pre 2000 Russian handle bars (the ones with the Russian switch gear) there are no heated grips that are a perfect fit. These are 25mm clutch side and 29mm throttle side, we have achieved a good fit by first wrapping tape round the bars. Also available for standard 7/8th bars for most Japanese bikes and later (Domino switch gear) Urals.
Part - F23103/HEAT 7/8th
Part - F23103/HEAT 25mm
Grips - M66/MT11. Amazingly we have managed to obtain some decent quality grips to fit the original Russian handlebars. These are not the originals, they do not split after a week, and they are not the nasty things seen on eBay. These grips fit M63, M66, MT9, MT10/36, MT11, and all Urals with Russian bars up to 2000.
Part - F23103/RUS
Grips - Custom. Replacement grips for Urals fitted with Domino switches made after 2000. Fit Dalesman, Tourist, Wolf, Solo, and Retro 750 models. Please note there where a few early Wolf models produced with the Russian bars. These will not fit them.
Part - F23103/CHR
Grips - Black. Soft grippy feel. Usually fitted to later model Gear-Up 750. Will only fit bikes with the Domino switches.
Part - F23203/BK
Brush Guards. Impact resistant plastic brush guard for Ural 750 Tourist and Dalesman. These look good on the matt green and full camo bikes as well as adding a bit of wind protection for your hand. These will fit any motorcycle with 22/23 mm bars as long as it possible to move the lever away from the switch gear to create a 25mm gap.
Part - F25419
Handlebar Muffs. Spacious fur lined weather proof handle bar covers. There was a time when no dispatch rider or serious winter biker would leave home with out these fitted to their bike. Very easy to fit, just slide them over the grips and switch gear, tighten the strap round the bars and adjust the semi rigid hand hole, and that's it. They keep the wind and weather well away from your hands and all the switch gear.
Part - F25419/MUFF
Cables - DIY Throttle. For older cables to fit the M63/M66 and MT9/MT10. The length of the inner has also changed between models making it almost impossible to supply the correct cables by post. I've lost count of the times people have told me they have bought cables from other dealers and they don't fit. So rather than pretend all the cables are the same we supply a long length of outer, with some inner and all the nipples and end ferrules so you can make them yourself. You will need to be able to solder, and you will need some good quality sharp snips.
Part - F23119/KIT
Cable - Clutch. Genuine new Dnepr clutch cable with the correct smooth fitting at the gearbox end. Dnepr clutch cables are clamped at the gearbox end and Ural cables are threaded at the same place. Both are threaded into the clutch arm at the very end. It is possible to convert one to the other, so please check your cable is clamped before ordering.
Part - F23112/D
Cable - Repair Kit. Universal cable repair kit, an essential for any travel tool kit, contains different sizes of inner cable and a range of solderless nipples. Don't leave home with out one. Supplied in a tin as shown in the picture.
Part - F23119/REP
Throttle Chain. These do snap occasionally, usually just when you're miles from home without a spare. Fits all Dneprs with the black Russian switch gear (MT11). Can be used on the even older bikes (MT9) if you are prepared to modify the throttle cable slightly. Also fit Ural with Russian throttle and can fit M66/M63 with slight modification
Part - F23118/CHAIN
Bearings - Steering Head. Fit all Urals up to 2010, very good modification and still one of our best selling products, improves the steering considerably. You can usually reuse your original top and bottom dust caps if you are careful, but we also supply a kit which includes the dust caps. Supplies either as a pair of bearings, or as a kit which includes a pair of dust caps. With detailed instructions
Part - F22522
Part - F22522/KIT
Lever - Russian. Ural have changed to Italian levers now, but we still hold stock of older spares. New Russian levers fit most of the 650 bikes from the Soviet Knight of the 1980's right through to the last red/north stars of the late 1990's
Part - F23116/RUS
UK Delivery Charges - From £7.50
Prices are per delivery not per item.
Mixed orders of many parts will normally be charged as one large item even if it arrives in several small boxes.
Small - Small items up to about 5 kg - Max size approximately 30cm x 20cm x 12cm
Delivered to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands
Large - Items greater than 5kg but less than 20kg
Delivered to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands
Highlands - Sorry there is no small item price for the highlands so all deliveries up to 20 kg are one rate.
Delivered to AB30-38, AB44-56, FK17-99, G83, IV1-28, IV30-32, IV33-39, IV52-54, IV63, KW1-14, PA21-33, PA34-40, PH18-26, PH30, PH31-41, PH49-50
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