Coronavirus ------ Covid-19
It's one of the few times when having a huge drafty building may actually be a good thing.
We are open, we still see visitors. We ask you not to visit if you have a fever or a persistent cough.
We have made the following changes to protect ourselves and our customers:
Entrance door handles are cleaned with alcohol wipes several times a day.
Disposable paper towels have replaced fabric towels in all wash areas.

It has been reported that the virus can survive for up to 7 days on a
hard surface under ideal conditions,
therefore no parts will leave here that have not been in stock for at least 14 days.
All parts are picked and packed while wearing disposable surgical type gloves.
This should ensure that your parts leave here free from risk.
However, as with all deliveries to your home, we advise immediately
after signing the screen you wash your hands,
then wash them again after unpacking your goods and disposing of the outer packaging.





Motorcycles and Sidecars


Welcome to our new web site.
We build our own sites, and we listen to what our customers tell us.
We try to keep them simple, fast and informative and we've tried various layouts over the years, from sub menus, bottom menus, and side menus.
Hopefully this version will prove easy for our customers to navigate and easy for us to expand and add to.
Often we have started with a good lay out and then ruin it trying to add more and more stuff.
Please take some time to have a good look round and tell us what you think.


Affordable, reliable spark plugs made in Europe since 1935

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Gift Certificates

We are often asked if we can provide gift certificates for peoples birthdays or Christmas.
Yes we can, please phone us and let us know how we can help.
There is no postage charge for gift certificates.
You can choose any amount above £10.00 and we can post it either to you so you can present it to your loved one
or we can post it directly to them and let them know who ordered it.

Money Saving Tip
giffgaff mobile phone sim.

Check out the call rate and text rates.
If like us you use PAYG mobiles this really will save you a lot of money.
The rates are about half of what others charge and the coverage is the same as O2.
Order by clicking on the picture and you will get an extra £5.00 credit on your first top up.
Ignore the goodie bags and just top up £10 to get £15.
I wish I had found them before wasting loads of money with other providers.
If you are hooked into a contract it may not be good for you, but it really is the best PAYG



We have seen a number of references to F2 Motorcycles Ltd in listings on ebay.
Things like "All spares available at F2 Motorcycles" this was on an advert for a sidecar we do not sell or stock
"Serviced by F2 Motorcycles Ltd" this was in a listing for a bike we serviced 5 years ago
We are flattered that our reputation is being used to add value to a product, but we don't want the buyer to be mislead by false claims.
If you want to check a bike please copy and paste the complete listing address into an email to us and we will tell you if the reference is honest.

The Ural with sidecar has been known as the Ural Dalesman in the UK since 1998.

From the 1st January 2011 this model will be known as the Ural Tourist.

WHY ? The EU certificate of conformity has it listed as Tourist and we must obey
Just a tiny proportion of our massive spares stock
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