Tank, Petrol Taps, Caps, Fuel Hose & Filters


We stock 1000's of spares for Ural, Cossack, Neval, Uralmoto, Dnepr, Dnieper,
KMZ, IMZ and IZH, but here are a few of the harder to find bits and pieces for
KMZ Dnepr K650, K750, MT9, MT10/36, MT11, MT16.

We are always on the hunt for hard to find Russian bike spares, but if we really can't find them
or when the original part can be improved, we develop and/or make our own alternative.
Dnepr spares are now very hard to get. Generally the earlier the spare, the harder it is to find.
We have a reasonable supply of new spares including fuel taps, fuel caps and knee pads
Please note - we do not deal in used parts, or broken parts.
If we can't get it a part in unused and new condition, we don't sell it.

Viton Fuel Pipe. Genuine Viton, flexible fuel pipe. This is the only fuel pipe that is 100% petrol, diesel, ethanol and E10 proof. We now have this in two bore sizes 5.5 mm and 7.3 mm. Please specify when ordering. We supply this in both 50 cm and 100 cm lengths.
Part - F23013/50cm
Part - F23013/100cm

Viton Tank Cap Seals. Viton is 100% petrol, diesel, ethanol, biofuel and E10 proof. Available in 3 sizes.
BSA bantam/A10/M20 etc = 60mm x 45mm x 1.5mm
Jawa/CZ = 79mm x 62mm x 4mm
Ural/Dnepr = 86mm x 63mm x 3mm
We can post these from £2.40

Part - F23018/BSA
Part - F23018/JAWA
Part - F23018/URAL
Fuel Pipe - Connector. If you have ever removed the fuel tank from a Dnepr or Ural you will know how frustrating the balance pipe is. The tank needs to be completely drained and then there is still fuel left in the pipe. This clever connector fits in the balance pipe and when it is pulled apart to remove the tank both sides seal. The picture is white, but we now have them in black.
Part - F23013/conn
Fuel Filter - Chrome. Screw together high quality in line fuel filter with bronze micro-porous filter, can be cleaned and re-used. keeps your carbs clean.
Part - F23013/fil
Fuel Tap - KP15A. Original fitment for Ural 650 M63, M66, M67. Also Dnepr MT9, MT10/36 and MT11. 14mm male thread twin output. These taps have very weak threads. When fitting a replacement we advise coating the threads with a sealer and screwing the tap in by hand. Applying large forces with a spanner will snap the treaded part off the tap.
Part - F23004/KP15A
Fuel Tap - KP33. Original KP33 taps are no longer available, BUT we have an alternative single outlet tap with the correct threads for a Ural, supplied complete with T-piece.
Part - F23004/KP33ALT
Fuel Tap - KP15 Alternative. The KP15 tap is original fitment for Ural 650 M63, M66, M67. Also Dnepr MT9, MT10/36 and MT11. It is often impossible to obtain originals so we offer an alternative. The alternative has a single outlet so we supply it with a T-piece.
Part - F23004/KP15T
Fuel Tap - Vacuum. Standard fitment to most later 750 Urals. Attached to the tank with two M6 screws. Opened by vacuum from the carburetors when the engine is running. Standard fitment with one 8 mm outlet.
Part - F23004/VAC
Fuel Tap - Alternative. Direct replacement for the vacuum tap and attached in the same way. Not opened by vacuum so you need to remember to turn fuel on and more importantly off again. Good quality lower cost alternative to the expensive vacuum tap. Note this has two 6 mm outlets so if you are converting from vacuum type tap you will require more fuel hose.
Part - F23004/ALT
Tank Cap - Large. Fits most Dnepr (Dnieper) motorbikes including MT9, MT10/36 and MT11. Also fits Ural M63, M66, M67 and some later 650/750s. Supplied with seal.
Part - F23002/large
Tank Screen - Baffle. This fits all Dneprs and Urals originally fitted with the large tank cap and acts as a baffle when you brake so the tank cap leaks a lot less. 
Part - F23017
Tank Cap - Screw Fit. Fit all Urals with the newer (unleaded) tanks. The originals are locking but we offer a none locking alternative at a lower price. Supplied with seal.

Part - F23002/lock
Part - F23002/screw
Knee Rubbers - Dnepr. Standard knee pads to fit all Dnepr MT series bikes using the squarer fuel tank. Lots of people have asked us for these over the years and they have been very hard to find, but we now have a few new sets in stock.
Part - F23009/D
Knee Rubbers - Ural. Fit all Urals both 650 and 750 with the horizontally split tanks. .

Price is per set of two. One left side and one right side.
Part - F23009

Tank band - Ural. Rubber band that runs horizontally round the Ural tank. At first this seems nearly impossible to fit. This is how it is done. Push the end through the cleat stop at the front of the tank on both sides, fit cleats and pull the band so the cleats grip the end hard. Go to the back of the tank and pull the band over the seam. It helps is the band is warm.
Sold with two new cleats
Part - F23010/set
Tank badge - Plastic. Chrome plastic URAL badge. No where near the same quality as the metal badges, but good at the price. Great for workshop tool boxes, panniers, trailers, etc. Self adhesive backing. Size approximately 110 mm x 27 mm.
Sold and priced per pair.
Part - F25204/plastic
Tank Badge - Round Metal . Polished chrome badges with 3M adhesive backing to fit Ural. These just have the Ural "IMZ" factory logo and do not have the the word Ural on them.
Sold and priced per pair.
Part - F25204/round
Fuel Cap - Ural Fuel Can. The original fuel can fitted to the Ural Dalesman Gear-up as standard and often sold as an optional extra for the Ural Dalesman have a plastic screw on cap. I've seen a few with the cap missing and the factory has always claimed the cap can not be supplied as a separate item. As you can see from the picture we have managed to get some.
Part - F24649
Petrol Tank Sealer. The best tank sealer we have ever used. Three part system to clean, prepare and line the tank. E10, petrol and ethanol proof. Treats metal tanks, even if they are rusted through with pin holes. Not for fibre glass or plastic tanks. One kit treats up to 22 litre tank capacity.
Part - F23001/seal
UK Delivery Charges - From £7.50
Prices are per delivery not per item.
Mixed orders of many parts will normally be charged as one large item even if it arrives in several small boxes.
Small - Small items up to about 5 kg - Max size approximately 30cm x 20cm x 12cm
Delivered to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands
Large - Items greater than 5kg but less than 20kg
Delivered to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands
Highlands - Sorry there is no small item price for the highlands so all deliveries up to 20 kg are one rate.
Delivered to AB30-38, AB44-56, FK17-99, G83, IV1-28, IV30-32, IV33-39, IV52-54, IV63, KW1-14, PA21-33, PA34-40, PH18-26, PH30, PH31-41, PH49-50
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