Brakes, Tyres, and Spokes for Russian Motorbikes


F2 Motorcycles do not sell used or broken parts.
We stock a wide range of spares and parts for Russian 650cc and 750cc 4-stroke motorbike
known in the UK as Dnepr, Dnepier, Ural, Cossack, and Neval.
This page lists just a few of the wheel parts and our range of tyres.
If you can not see what you need, please contact us as we probably have the spares you need.

More Spare Parts.
Our web site only shows a fraction of the spare parts we stock
for Ural and Dnepr motorcycles.

If there is a part you need that we don't have listed, please contact us. 01945 410165

Tyre - 19 inch solo and combo. Made in Europe. The older Ural solo bikes M63 and M66 (and all Dnepr solo bikes) have 19 inch wheels. The gearing will be reduced if you fit modern 100/90 x 19 tyres. These are genuine 4.00 x 19 and suitable for all Dneprs and any Ural fitted with 19 inch wheels. Great on solos and pretty good on combinations.
Part - F21907K34
Part - F21907K34 X 2
Tyre - European Block Tread Road. Good quality but affordable block tread tyre for use on all Ural motorcycles fitted with sidecars. Can be used on the front, rear and sidecar. They grip well but do not last as long as the European knobbly tyre. Standard size 4.00 x 19. Made in the EU.
Part - F21907EB
Part - F21907EB X 2
Part -F21907EB X 4
Tyre - European Knobbly 4.00 x 19. Street legal knobbly tyre for all Urals fitted with a sidecar. Looks just right on the Ural Ranger or Gear-up model. Good tread pattern for mild off road, but still legal on the road. Lasts longer and grips tarmac better than the Russian extreme knobbly tyre. Made in Germany.
Part - F21907EK
Part - F21907EK X 2
Part - F21907EK X 4
Picture will follow.
Tyre - Tubes and Rim Tape. Heavy duty 19 - 4.00 tubes and extra wide rim tapes in stock. Sold as a set, 1 x tube + 1 x rim tape. The original Ural tubes have very wide valve stems, We supply all our new tubes with a rubber spacer so they fit the Ural/Dnepr valve hole. The rim tapes are much wider then the originals and actually cover the spokes.
Part - F21906 X 1 set
Part - F21906 X 2 sets
Part - F21906 X 4 sets
Tyre - European Sidecar use. At last a tyre actually designed for motorcycles fitted with a sidecar. Long lasting with a nearly flat profile to get plenty of thread on the road, but still enough curve for use on the front wheel. We have both 4.00 x 19 as well as 4.00 x 18. Can be fitted front, rear and sidecar wheel. Made in Germany.
Part - F21907SC
Part - F21907SC X 2
Part - F21907SC X 4
Hub Cap - Ural. There are two types. The first is a simple black plastic cover with Ural logo in the centre. The second type is chromed steel and comes with rubber mounting ring which slips over the original bearing cover as shown in the picture
Part - F24723/black
Part - F24723/chrome
Pressure Monitors. These clever tyre valve caps monitor the tyre pressure. Shows green when all is OK, shows yellow when the tyres need checking and shows red if the pressure drops enough to need immediate attention.
lower limit 28 psi, (front and side Ural)
lower limit 30 psi,
lower limit 34 psi, (rear Ural)
Part - F21906/28psi
Part - F21006/30psi
Part - F21906/34psi
Spokes -Old Style Wheel. Older Dneprs and Urals including the MT9, M63 and M66 from the 1970's had pressed steel brake hubs. These old style wheel hubs are often referred to bottle-top hubs as they sort of resemble large bottle-tops. We sell the spokes in sets of four with nipples so that you can repair your old wheels.

Sold in sets of four only.
Part - F21917/OLD set of 4
UK Delivery Charges - From £7.50
Prices are per delivery not per item.
Mixed orders of many parts will normally be charged as one large item even if it arrives in several small boxes.
Small - Small items up to about 5 kg - Max size approximately 30cm x 20cm x 12cm
Delivered to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands
Large - Items greater than 5kg but less than 20kg
Delivered to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands
Highlands - Sorry there is no small item price for the highlands so all deliveries up to 20 kg are one rate.
Delivered to AB30-38, AB44-56, FK17-99, G83, IV1-28, IV30-32, IV33-39, IV52-54, IV63, KW1-14, PA21-33, PA34-40, PH18-26, PH30, PH31-41, PH49-50

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